Greenview Restaurant- ph: 0267 361 848

The Greenview Restaurant Bar & Grill is open Monday to Sunday for lunch (12pm to 2pm) and dinner (6pm to 8.30pm). For reservations phone (02) 6736 1848. We also cater for all types of functions/parties/weddings etc. From platters of finger food to sit down meals. If you have any food intolerance’s or any special requirements please inform our friendly wait staff.

We appreciate your patronage and value your feedback.



Mini Garlic Bread 4.00
Garlic Bread 8.50
Garlic Herb Bread 8.50
Garlic Cheese Bread 8.50


Oysters – Kilpatrick
½ doz 15.80 1 doz 28.50
Garlic Prawn (6) 16.90
with rice & side salad
Panko Crumbed Calamari  16.90
with chips & salad
Prawn Twists 16.90
with chips & salad


Caesar Salad – Plain 19.00
Moroccan Chicken add 4.00
Garlic Prawn add 4.00
with Caesar Salad only
Garden Salad or Plate of Veg 9.00


Bowl of chips with gravy 8.00
Sweet Potato Wedges 11.50
Wedges 9.50
served with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce


                                                    Surf & Turf  31.90                                                             Rump steak topped w garlic prawn & served w chips/salad or veg                                                                 Crispy Pork Belly  26.90                                         Served w chips/salad and finished with a special citrus sauce
Mega Mixed Grill  31.90
Steak, pork, lamb, sausage, bacon & egg served w chips & your choice of sauce
Half Mixed Grill  21.00
250g rump steak, sausage & bacon served w chips & your choice of sauce
Schnitzel Burger  18.90
Topped with lettuce, bacon/aloi/cheese/tomato/onion & smashed avocado, finished with chips
Chicken & Mushroom Crepe  19.90
Chicken, mushroom bound in a creamy garlic sauce, wrapped in a fresh crepe, topped with cheese & finished with side salad of veg
Crumbed Prawns  19.90
Crumbed prawn served with chips/salad or veg and finished with dipping                                                        sauce & lemon                                                                                                              Grilled Chicken  22.50                                                                 served with chips/salad or veg and your choice of sauce                                                                         Beef Burger  18.90                                                                             Steak burger with salad, bbq sauce and side chips 300g                                                                    300g Pork Cutlet  28.90                                                                served with caramalized onion, chips/salad or veg

Add a topper for 5.00


(13 years & under)
11.00 each

Spaghetti Bolognaise • Junior Burger • Fish & Chips
• Chicken Nuggets  • Steak & Chips • Hawaiian Pizza
Plus Free Ice Cream!


 250g Rump 21.00
350g Rump 28.90
300g T/Bone 28.90
500g T/Bone 35.90
                                                     250g Eye Fillet 33.90                                                                              350g Rib Fillet on the bone  34.90
All meals served with chips/salad or veg & your choice of sauce


            For a great experience try our

H O T R O C K   add a Topper for  $5.00


Add one to your meal $5 each Topper
Garlic Cream Prawn (3) Grilled Prawn (3) Honey Chilli Prawn (3)
Prawn & asparagus (3) Prawn Twist (3) Panko Calamari (3) Smashed avo/hollandaise, garlic butter, herb butter, bacon/chive butter 


                    Mushroom, Pepper, Diane, Gravy


Chicken Parmigiana 24.50
Hand cut chicken breast, lightly crumbed, topped with bacon, Napoli sauce & cheese served w chips & salad or vegetables
Chicken/Beef Schnitzel 21.90
Hand cut chicken breast rump steak, lightly crumbed, served w chips/salad or veg & your choice of sauce or add a topper for 5.00
Bowlo Chicken  29.90
Grilled chicken breast topped w bacon & prawns in a seeded mustard honey
cream sauce, served w chips & salad or veg                                                                                                                 Butter Chicken  22.90                                                            served with steamed rice & finished with naan bread


Chicken & Mushroom cream fettucine 21.90
Chicken, mushroom & onion in a garlic creamy sauce w shaved parmesan finished w garlic crouton  add bacon for  3.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise 19.90
Homemade Lasagne (Beef) 19.90
served w chips & salad or veg



Fish & Chips 24.90
Flathead fillet (4) in a light beer batter served w chips/salad & garnish w tartar sauce
Crumbed of Grill Barramundi  19.90
Served with chip/salad or veg, finished w dipping sauce/lemon
Fisherman’s Catch  28.50
A delicious selection of beer battered flathead, crumbed prawns, crumbed calamari & crumbed seafood stick served in a tortilla basket finished w
lemon/tartar sauce, chips/salad
Creamy Garlic or Sweet Chilli Prawn  25.90
fresh prawns cooked in a creamy garlic sauce served w steamed rice served with side salad
Grilled Atlantic Salmon  28.90
    served w chips/salad or veg or try our prawn & asparagus topper 5.00                                                             Three Way Prawn  25.90                                         Tamarind noodle prawn, prawn twister, crumbed prawns served with chips/salad, tartare/lemon, finished with prawn skewer


                                                Veg spring rolls                                                                                                                  Plate salad                                                                                                                        Plate veg                                                                   Veg Fettucine-crm or tomato base

    Gluten Free Meals also Available  


                              Subject to Availability                           

                                     Sticky date pudding w butter scotch sauce                                                                                      Apple Pie                                                                                                                           Pecan Pie                                                                                                                   Pavlova and fruit salad                                                                                               Gluten free Chocolate Cake                                                      Dixie cup ice cream  2.50