Competition Scores

2020 – MARCH

Sunday 15 March – On a cold & windy Autumn day we had 2 games of Pairs. That was not surprising considering the big effort by Tenterfield bowlers on the Emergency Services Bowls Day on Saturday. Several of our bowlers played both the morning and afternoon games , which was a great effort – a big thank you to those bowlers. Arnold Harvey & Mike Petrie def Doug Fletcher & Bruce Tribe 24-14 and Maddie Lloyd (Vis) & Jo Moore def Cathie Lloyd (Vis) & Maria Petrie 19-8. The $20 cash was won by Maddie Lloyd & Jo Moore on a random draw.

Wednesday 11 March – Mixed Wednesday bowls saw 2 games of Pairs & a game of Triples. Vouchers were won by Jo Moore & Peter Ferguson who defeated Maria Petrie & Barbara Carter 22-15. In the other games, Pauline Romer & Judy Richardson def Julie Brown & John Ferguson 20-19 and Arnold Harvey, Kay Hurtz & Graeme Warner def Doug Fletcher, Ken Ezzey & Elana Scott 22-17.

Sunday 8 March – Sunday bowls saw a game of Pairs & a game of Triples. In the triples, Doug Fletcher (swing lead), Arnold Harvey & Del Gilmour def Doug Fletcher, Julie Brown & Judy Richardson 17-16 and Ken Ezzey & Jo Moore def Maria Petrie & Pauline Ezzey 28-9. In the first trial of the $20 voucher system, vouchers went to team 1 – Doug Fletcher, Julie Brown & Judy Richardson. The vouchers are now allocated to a random team whether they win, lose or draw.

Wednesday 4 March – What a big day we had at Wednesday bowls – Ladies A Grade final, Mens B Grade semis & final and a couple of games of Triples. In the Ladies A Grade Championship final, Val Butler proved too consistent for Judy Richardson – Val winning 25-15. In the Men’s B Grade semi-finals, Ken Ezzey defeated Mike Petrie 26-21 and Rick Smith def Shane Douglas25-6. In the final Rick Smith defeated Ken Ezzey 26-4. So, congratulations to Rick Smith our B Grade champion & thanks to all players who nominated and marked the singles games. In the triples, Maria Petrie, Bruce Tribe & John Ferguson def Arnold Harvey, Jo Moore & Peter Ferguson 30-13 and Kay Hurtz (swing lead), Marlene Feltis & Barbara Carter def Kay Hurtz, Delma Schaare & Elana Scott 23-21. A voucher was won by Rick Smith on a fan of the cards.

Sunday 1 March – Sunday Bonanza saw 2 games of Triples. Vouchers were won by Ken Ezzey, Judy Richardson & Bruce Grogan who defeated Arnold Harvey, Julie Brown & Gil Battersby 31-11 whilst Maria Petrie, Val Butler & Neville Richardson def Don Lewis/Elaine Maguire, Del Gilmour & Pauline Ezzey 26-15. The bonanza was not won.